Eric S. Bender
April 9, 1992 - May 5, 2020
Joseph J. Smith
Stuart and Pamela
Ellen pollack
Janett Barajas
Anthony See
Adam Fischer
Tonya shook
Rosina Aprea
Kristi-Anna Cooley
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Funeral Service

Memorial services will be scheduled in the Summer.

Memorial Contributions

Please make memorial contributions in his name to:

Development Department, Saint Vincent’s Hospital, 275 North Street, Harrison, NY 10528 or online at




Eric S. Bender, long-time resident of Yorktown and later Mahopac, passed away unexpectedly on May 5, 2020. He was 28 and had struggled with substance abuse for many years. Eric was born on April 9, 1992 in Corpus Christi, Texas, the son of Dean Bender and Jenny Stasikewich of Mahopac. Eric, who attended Yorktown schools,…

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Judy Rath left a message on June 1, 2020:
While I did not know Eric, I, too, lost a beloved son to substance use disorder. I send my deepest condolences to his parents, family and friends on this profound and heartbreaking loss. With his empathy, gentleness and compassion, it is a loss not just for you, but for all the world.
Stuart and Pamela left a message on May 16, 2020:
Pamela and I are so very sorry for your loss. We are both praying for you through this time of sorrow. Wishing you strength as you deal with this tragedy. Love, Stuart and Pamela
Bea Naumann left a message on May 11, 2020:
It's hard to write down just one memory as I have so many. Eric and I grew up together as our families are very close and we were neighbors when we all lived on Old Logging Road when we were young. We shared the same bus stop since we could take the bus by ourselves up until we were too cool for that and drove to school... We had spent holidays, birthdays, vacations, you name it, as if we were all one big family together - and you know, we were one big family. We shared a lot of the same interests from playing music together, biking on Old Logging Road (him making fun of me because I couldn't ride my bike UP THAT GIANT HILL every time - don't worry, it was funny), to loving animals. Eric was such a kind and caring person. He acted as a third brother to me, always having my back and making me laugh.💕 I miss him dearly and know that there are many people thinking of him and sending love to Jenny, Dean and Scott. I send my love too. I love and miss you, Eric - may you Rest In Peace. Love, Bea💕
Angel left a message on May 11, 2020:
Sitting here another night head spinning love you bro couldn’t have told u enough . You would be astonished with the amount of love in the comments here . Anyway I miss you brother forever and always Eric’s World ❤️🌏
Ellen pollack left a message on May 10, 2020:
Zach and I send our deepest condolences to you. We both have very fond memories of Eric and your family.
Janett Barajas left a message on May 10, 2020:
You were a beautiful human being...
Anthony See left a message on May 10, 2020:
Miss you man
Katie left a message on May 10, 2020:
Eric was a good friend of mine back in the day. I'm so saddened to hear about this. My heart goes out to his family and friends.
Adam Fischer left a message on May 10, 2020:
Eric , you will be missed and condolences to your family 😔
Gabrielle left a message on May 9, 2020:
In memory of Eric S. Bender, Gabrielle lit a candle
Tonya shook left a message on May 9, 2020:
Happy I was able to spend time with you on this earth my condolences.
Christina Rohde left a message on May 9, 2020:
My heart is broken, but I will spend my days singing 80s ballads and eating our favorite snacks remembering all of the good. You made each day brighter with music and conversation. An amazing listener and even better friend, I don’t know how I would’ve gotten through some days without you in my life. I hope you have found peace, rest in paradise Eric ❤️
Rosina Aprea left a message on May 9, 2020:
I know you’ll continue to be the light in our lives, for Angel & I. Promise to stay with us forever and always, and know our love will only continue to grow. May you finally be at peace love. Xoxo
Angel left a message on May 9, 2020:
Where do I begin ... you were the friend I never had . You always had some reason why I shouldn’t do something even though you would do it yourself . You pretty much taught me how to drive ( at speeds over 95+ ) I will never forget .. hanging out with you was always enough for me whatever we did , even those late nights when u would tell everyone ur going home and would say I’ll drop you off last since it’s towards my house then outa nowhere you you hit the gas fly by my hill and say fuck it let’s go for another ride . Anytime I was running out my house in midst of panic attacks I knew if u weren’t sleeping You would come pick me up .. we’re always like my big brother man ❤️ You would tell me how I was doing it and keep going but you had no idea how much I looked up to u ..never afraid .. you always got the short stick and always made the best of it ... never did you complain you would just laugh and say bro that’s life . I won’t let you down my brotha ❤️ We had so many more trips to make , everywhere we went u had such a good time from the zoo to botanical gardens to firework shows and the beach . Time is to short I love u bro forever gonna be 🌏Eric’s World ❤️ If only you could see this shit
Amanda Cesario left a message on May 9, 2020:
I always knew you had your demons, but always prayed they would not take you away. Thank you for sitting next to me on the bus in middle school, swapping CDs and having adventures in the woods together. If only I had listened to Anthony Mandel, when he came over to my house for lessons right after yours every week, we all would have been in a killer rock band together. You were a huge part of growing up in the Hunterbrook area for me, and brought so much magic and excitement to growing up there. I only hope you know that your big beautiful heart and smile meant more to us than you will ever realize. Rest easy and peacefully Eric Bender, you are forever in my heart. 💜
Kristi-Anna Cooley left a message on May 9, 2020:
Eric, You will be missed by many as your beautiful spirit carries on. This world needs people like you to remind us of what is important. May all the hearts you've touched look up to you, always. Love you bud
megan left a message on May 9, 2020:
He was a sweet soul.
Vanessa Guilarte left a message on May 9, 2020:
Eric was a great friend in high school. Always made the days brighter.
Axel Beyer left a message on May 9, 2020:
I had a uniquely extreme childhood growing up with Eric and have always looked back on it with a smile, gratitude, and occasionally a voice in the back of my head saying “what the hell were we doing?!” Adventures in the woods, lighting fires and blowing things up, riding around in his dune buggy, shooting paintballs and air soft.. we were wild kids. However, the amount of knowledge I gained through spending the days in hunter brook together cannot be overstated. He thought me bounds in creative expression, how to live a little dangerously, and how to see the good in many things. We spent hours in his driveway or my basement as he taught me how to skateboard; how to drop in, how to Ollie, how to forget the fear in it. 17 years later and a couple trips to the ER and I’m still doing it. When it was cold or rainy out, we would hang out in his room listening to Iron Maiden or watching skate videos. He showed me what it felt like to sit behind a drum set for the first time and we used to try to jam together before I was any good. He never said a word of discouragement. Today I play in a band and it’s one of my favorite outlets. Needless to say, Eric shaped a very large portion of who I am today and I will always look back on those formative years with fondness and appreciation. Rest In Peace old friend, thank you for everything you did for me. 🤟
Rose Ann Harrigan left a message on May 9, 2020:
Jenny, Dean, and Scott, I was so saddened to learn of Eric’s passing. It has been many years since I had seen him last, but Stephen would fill me in from time to time on how he was doing. You remain in my thoughts and prayers and I sincerely hope and pray that in the days ahead you are comforted by memories of better days. My deepest sympathies, Rose Ann Harrigan
Christine Jagels Vasilev left a message on May 9, 2020:
Andrew eidelson left a message on May 9, 2020:
I don’t even know where to begin , I always thought you where that guy that couldn’t die , I have so many memories with you , you are a brother to me and always will be I hope where ever you are your happy and looking down and ready for the best show of your life , I know you never wanted to hurt anyone but this sucks man I love you brotha for ever and always
Rob Gerrish left a message on May 9, 2020:
In memory of Eric S. Bender, Rob Gerrish lit a candle
Sherri Hughes Alan Kauffman left a message on May 9, 2020:
Gentle, Kind,Caring Uncertain, unsure, afraid Meeting calm and peace We will miss Eric greatly and love him always. Sherri & Alan
Tami Horowitz left a message on May 9, 2020:
Oh Jenny and Dean, So so sorry to hear. Sending you love and strength. Tami & Larry
Joseph J. Smith left a message:
Please accept our deepest condolences for your family's loss.
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