Michael Glenn Purdy

February 26, 1955 - November 16, 2011
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Joseph J. Smith Funeral Home
692 U.S. Route 6
Mahopac, NY 10541
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Sunday 11/20, 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Joseph J. Smith Funeral Home
692 U.S. Route 6
Mahopac, NY 10541
845-621-1992 | Map
Monday 11/21, 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Funeral Service
Joseph J. Smith Funeral Home
692 U.S. Route 6
Mahopac, NY 10541
845-621-1992 | Map
Tuesday 11/22, 12:00 pm
Ballard-Barrett Cemetery
Route 6N
Mahopac Falls, NY 10542

Michael Glenn Purdy, a lifelong resident of Mahopac, NY passed away on Wednesday November 16, 2011. He was 56. Mike was born in Yonkers, NY on February 26, 1955, the son of Keith and Dolores Ranken Purdy.Mike graduated from Mahopac High School in 1973. He was the tree trimming supervisor for the Town of CarmelContinue Reading

Gia Fenty left a message on May 7, 2019:
He was a great uncle to have. He always made us laugh. We all miss him so much. Nothing's the same without him. He was always there when you needed him when you needed a shoulder to cry on. He was always there when you needed him. He was a very sweet, kind, caring, and loving person. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you uncle Mike. I love you and miss you so much.
April left a message on April 15, 2014:
Mickie, it's been 2 years already and the pain that I feel will never go away I feel so lost with you gone. I just want people to know I count too.
Amanda Purdy left a message on November 15, 2013:
Wow! Its that time already again? One more year has passed and some days r better than others. I love u and miss u more every day
Erik Lawton left a message on November 15, 2012:
Not many days go by when I do not think about Mike. He was truly a tremendous presence in life and he continues to effect me to this day. He always had a miraculous way of making one smile or laugh. I am grateful for having known him and have genuinely prospered from having experienced his friendship. I pray that he hears those who miss him and knows that we look forward to seeing him again. May the Lord Bless him and his family.
Patty Ill left a message on November 14, 2012:
Mike, Its almost a year since you received your wings. Continue to watch over your family and friends. You will remain in our hearts always. Miss you.
Mrs. Dolly Bushey left a message on March 19, 2012:
To the family of Michael Purdy:I am originally from Mahopac Falls, NY, I met Mike when he was in high school.We lived on Secor Rd. He did some work at our house. I am just learning of his passing. My son Mike Bushey graduated with Keith. We both send our sincere sympathy to Mike's family.Mrs. BusheyYSnb8
Toots left a message on February 2, 2012:
They say that time heals all wounds but im stuck in this nightmare I can't escape. Without you my life stands still... I miss you more and more everyday Daddy. I love you forever and always. - Your Toots
Stacy Comiskey/Brenda McManus left a message on February 2, 2012:
You are always in my thoughts and my prayers, an all the rememberable fun we had I know we all will meet again one day love u cuz
Ed Luning Jr. left a message on December 14, 2011:
My thoughts and prayers are with Michaels family. Was so very sorry when I heard the news from family still in Mahopac. Keith, Terry, and the rest of Michaels family, know that I will be praying for you as well. God bless!Ed Luning Jr.
Mark D left a message on December 8, 2011:
Mike was a good man and love his family. His family always came first. everyone loved him he will be missed deeply. My heart goes out to his family, stay strong boo.
Annie Dunphy/DeLongis left a message on November 27, 2011:
Dear Terry, Betty, and family: I can't imagine the pain in your heart. I just know that it is a whole you will work on healing for the rest of your days. I am truly sorry for your entire family. Especially your Mom and Mike's children. With Love, Annie xo
Lori Zingaro left a message on November 24, 2011:
I am sure that you already have your wings ! xxoo
Shanon Purdy-Kort left a message on November 24, 2011:
Since the people in the back of the funeral home could not hear the eulogy to my Dad, I just wanted to post some of it.My dad was my absolute best friend in the entire world since I was born. We shared a bond like no other. One that people could only wish for. Anyone that was close to my family knew of our special connection. We were two peas in a pod. We had the same sense of humor, drive, bravery, work ethic, and the love to help people. He was my mentor, my idol, and my hero. He was my rock, my sunshine, my everything. There aren't adequate words to describe the admiration I had for that man. He was ambitious, kind hearted, self less, loyal, and loved his family and friends more than life itself. I spoke to him almost daily. We always ended our conversations in i love you. I just wanted to make him proud. I would tell him all the time how proud I was of him. I felt I couldn't say it enough bc he just kept amazing me with his continuous acts of heroism and achievements. If my dad did something he had to be the best at it. Mediocrity was not his style and never settled for second place. .There were two sides to my dad. The over achieving, hard working man. Then there was his other side- his family man side where he was compassionate, supportive, extremely loving, protective, devoted, and sentimental. His wife, 4 daughters, and three grandchildren meant the world to him. As a family we would try to get together every sunday at his house for dinner and story telling around my parents dining room table. My dad lived for those days. Family time meant so much to him.His drive and passion to take care of people, lead a positive life to set a good example, and work hard to support his family was beyond honorable. He was respected by many, loved by all, and treasured by everyone. His positive attitude, infectious smile, and happiness for life was refreshing. His selfless nature was very rare. He was generous without hesitation no matter the cost. His personality and friendliness would take over a room of hundreds without any effort on his part. He always had a smile and genuinely cared about talking to people and looking out for their well being and always remained humble.My dad always took care of everyone else and never expected ANYTHING in return. He would give anything to anyone; Help a stranger; Risk his life to save people- sometimes from things and sometimes from themselves. It just came natural to him. he didn't ask for much, if anything at all. He was a simple man with a simple outlook: Help those around you just because. No questions asked- no hesitation. It made him happy. His loyalty was one of a kind. If he was your friend- he was your friend forever. He never held grudges or turned his back on people.There will never be anyone like him ever again- he is irreplaceable. He was a very special person to countless people and he touched many with his kindred spirit and love for life. There will be no other that will be gifted with his same level of integrity, work ethic, willpower, loyalty, sense of humor, selflessness, kindheartedness and kindred spirit that will continue to live in the hearts and minds of many.I miss my dad already and this journey has just begun. While he may not physically be here, he will ALWAYS be in my mind with all the good memories we created together, in my heart because of the love we shared, and in my soul because of the person he taught me to be. I love you dad. Rest in peace. You will NEVER be forgotten
Lois swarm left a message on November 23, 2011:
Your generosity, and kindness will always be remembered by my family.i will miss seeing your smile. May you rest with the acbmtngels.
Jeannette Piqueras left a message on November 23, 2011:
Mike...I miss seeing your friendly happy face as I travel the roads of Mahopac driving in my car or bus. You have a special place in many hearts, and we now have to learn how to heal that hole. Thank you for the many happy memories, you have truley touched this town. Your town!!bhysv
Patty Ferrieri-Tarter left a message on November 23, 2011:
May you rest in peace. You are gone way to soon.
The Dutra family left a message on November 22, 2011:
I met Mike when I decided to coach my daughter in MSA when she was in first grade. Mike showed up because his daughter Brittany was on my team. Little did I know he was the commissioner. We had great times and the next thing I knew he had me as the commissioner of the younger girls and him of the older girls. The easy smile, the smack on the back - the next thing you know I am a commissioner. Mike always leant a helping hand no matter if you needed carpeting or a tree removed. He was the type of guy you always loved to run into and he always treated you like he was your best friend. God rest your soul , Mike. My family and I are happy you spent time in our lives. Our hearts and prayers go out to the entire Purdy family. We know you are in heaven looking down upon us...with that beautiful smile.
Jean Mackey left a message on November 22, 2011:
Mike Purdy my cousin our friend - what can i say ? Mike had a sense of humor that would make anyone gravitate to him , every once in awhile you meet one of those special people who just light up a room - and all eyes are on him he had a special quality . From the time i was small -spending lots of times at the Purdy house , it was always full of laughter and Mike was usually in the room The Purdys as a whole were a very welcoming family whether you were family or not aunt Dee and uncle Keith always made you feel included . It was because of their love that made their children who they are . So for this i am thankful to have known Mike shared his laughter , listened to all the funny quirky voices he made thats what i will remember not a tragedy ...... miss u always your cousin Jeanie
Denise and Bruce Simpson left a message on November 22, 2011:
My heart is broken with such sad news about the tragedy of Mike - This man was amazing and truly loved by so many. He had such an impact on many lives I have read each and every "memory" written here and I can imagine Mike just as they said. I wish I did not miss out on years gone by after I moved. Mike was a friend and neighbor from Curry Road - he was the best - he was always with a smile and made you laugh. Linda and Mike would always buy girl scout cookies from my daughter without a second thought - Mike cut our trees, did our floors and carpets. Mike was a mold of a true Man. My heart and prayers go out to LInda and the girls and all his loved ones and friends. Mike you will be forever missed - Love you Denise & Bruce
Annie Link left a message on November 22, 2011:
Mike was a great guy. He was always making you laugh with one of many stories he had to tell. Whether I saw him at a fire department function or in the town truck working, he was always smiling. He was never afraid to tell it like it is. He was an outgoing, all around awesome guy. He never hesitated to help if you needed it.Mikey, you will be truly missed by all. I will miss your laugh, jokes, and funny stories. Thanks for your support during my time in office.My thoughts and prayers go out to the Purdy Family.RIP!!!
Frank Laise left a message on November 22, 2011:
My heart goes out to the entire Purdy Family. May God watch over you as you move forward with your lives and try to understand why this horiffic tragedy was part of his plan for Mike.I grew up on Bullet Hole Road and was blessed to call the Purdy family my friends. We moved away shortly after I graduated from MHS in 1970 and I never saw Mike after that. Childhood memories fade with time, but I do recall that Mikey was one of those younger brothers that Keith and Terry never hesitated to include in their plans; and that he was always welcome to be with us older guys.From what I've read here, Mike's infectious smile, prankster personality, and joy for life never left him. His family, friends, and community were enriched because Mike's journey through life unfolded among them.Mike, may you rest in eternal peace and happiness! And may God comfort your mom, brothers, sister, wife, daughters and grandchildren in the days and months ahead.Cherish the day,Frank LaiseGig Harbor, Washington
anthony z left a message on November 22, 2011:
mike:thank's for the memorie's,a great guy,alway's smiling,,thank's for all the carpet work through the year's,,REST IN PEACE MY GOOD FRIEND,,
Wendy left a message on November 22, 2011:
Who can understand the senselessness of why Mike is gone. My prayers to the entire Purdy family. I graduated with Mike and remember him from some of my classes, he was a great guy then and it sounds like that stayed with him. So sorry he is gone, it is said the good die young, I guess it is true he is gone way before his time.
john a federighi left a message on November 21, 2011:
i worked with mike ,when he first started with highway dept , i knew then 12 yrs ago ,that he was a something special, he was a true professional when it came to his work ,he never backed down from a challage ,and he did not scare easy ,i seen him take down trees ,that looked impossible to do ,but he would always succeed ,he was a devoted family man ,making sure his daughters ,had a higher education ,from his hard work , they grew up to be fine young woman ,one has a family of her own ,one serving in the arm forces with great proud ,mike was a devoted husband ,who took care of his wife ,came her a nice home with love and devotion ,mike was a friend ,after my divorce nine years ago ,mike and his family took me under there wing ,i will always be grateful for that ,his humor ,his wisdom, his kindness ,got me thru a bad period in my life , most men dont talk about how they might feel about one another ,but i did have love and respect for mike purdy ,and im sure that how he felt about all his freinds ,im gonna miss him !!!
Jessica Speziale left a message on November 21, 2011:
Linda, Our hearts are with you and we are here for you. Nan & Jess
Breanne left a message on November 21, 2011:
Uncle Mike,The thought that you are not here with us anymore hurts my heart. It had been a while since I had seen you last, but the past few years brought back all of the memories of my childhood. You were the funniest person I have ever met. You're sense of humor and smile always lit up the room. I'll never forget the way you use to tease my mom. It made me laugh so much. At a wedding in July, I remember you saying to her, "Come on Denise, I want to take you to the dance floor and dip you." You always had lines that would crack me up.You would do anything for your family, and that is what you will forever be remembered for. You were an amazing man and an even more amazing father. There is nothing that you wouldn't have done for your daughters. They were lucky to have a father like you. I will miss you so much.
Richard & Colleen Pottberg left a message on November 21, 2011:
I've known you for some many years, & deeply sadden of your passing, I want to extend our prayers for your family in this trying time, I can not add anything that already hasn't been said about you, only that I know 1st hand how true they are! I will miss you ! God's speed my friend, may your spirt live on in us all, until we meet again ...
Nancy & Tom Alfano left a message on November 21, 2011:
We are still in shock with Mike's passing.It's so painful. Our hearts are crushed. Tom grew up with all the Purdy's. Mike was such a comedian, always had you in stitches. Tom and Mike worked together for years, along with other Purdy's He always enjoyed working with Mike around. Great stories. Mike came to our home to lay all the carpet in our two family home. And he came to take down many tree's two times, without trashing anything! Tom is very quiet with this shocking news, he lost his mom and sister in August. But you can bet he and I will always be there for the whole family. We will miss him so very much, he was such a great guy. Our hearts go out to the whole family. We hope with much time such sorrow will turn into fond memories, with everyone retelling funny stories for years to come. Mike, Tom and I will miss you forever. Kisses in the wind to you..
Serena Kenna left a message on November 21, 2011:
Mike,Though I did not know you personally, my daughter Noelle did, and always told me what a wonderful person you were. Through your beautiful daughter, Brittany, (who is Noelle's close friend), I can see what a very special person you must have been. It is my great loss not to have known you. May God rest you and keep you, and may you soar with the Angels until we see you again.With love,The Kenna and Pagnozzi Family
Daphne Belle Croteau left a message on November 21, 2011:
My brother Joe was a friend of Mike's. I remember years ago when my brother would throw parties in our basement, Mike was always there. My mother adored him, always making her laugh. Everyone you know has a kind word to say about Mike, either helping them out, or just having made them smile. My thoughts and prayers go out to the entire Purdy family, take comfort in knowing how he positively touched so many lives..
Hope Smith Sierra left a message on November 20, 2011:
My love, thoughts and prayers are with you all. May God bring you peace in your loss. If I could I would be there in support. I love you all and am deeply sad for you... Love Hope
Bobby McGuigan left a message on November 20, 2011:
To the Purdy familyWe lost our brother Kevin in March leaving a void that could never be replaced. Like you we are blessed with a large family and extended family. Our family knew Mike in the same kind way that everyone speaks of him. Our prayers go out to all of you and we hope that grief is replaced by celebrating Mikes life.Our Deepest Sympathy,Thge McGuigan Family
Andrea Berardo left a message on November 20, 2011:
If tears could build a stairway...
Jennifer Malley Munch left a message on November 20, 2011:
Mike I can't tell you how much it meant to me that you told me such wonderful and funny stories about you and my dad. It made me smile to know he had such loving and caring friends. I know you, your brothers and cousins were all good friends of my dad's. I will miss those stories, the smiles and you saying to my son Kevin hey junior. I know it brought a smile to your face when you saw Kevin because he reminded you of my dad. I hope you and my dad reunite and he buys you a beer. Mike it was an honor and privledge to know you. You have truly touched so many lives. The firehouse will never be the same! Thank you for the memories. Please know you are loved and missed! RIP Mike.Thoughts and prayers go out to Linda and girls. Thinking of you during this very difficult time. Love you Mike!
Nicole left a message on November 20, 2011:
Amanda Purdy left a message on November 20, 2011:
The last 32 yrs are full of wonderful memories.I would visit Uncle Mike when I was little and did carpentry jobs in the building I lived in. I remember he walked me down to my apartment. His hand wrapped around my little fingers. I was so proud and felt so special. I remember he made me laugh so hard my belly hurt and I couldn't breathe. I love you so much Uncle Mike. I miss you in so many ways. I wish I had a magic wand to bring you back but I don't. Heaven is blessed to have you up there. Please watch over us all. You will always be a hero to me.
Kristina left a message on November 20, 2011:
Mike cannot be described in words. His presence would speak volumes and anything that could be said about him are mere limitations to his true value to his family, his friends and all those that came into contact with him. He was one of the nicest people one will ever know. His ability to light up a room upon his entrance was truly remarkable and unique. Wherever there were smiles and laughter, he would be responsible for it. There wasn't anything he couldn't make better. To know him was a blessing, to have him in your life was a gift that could never be given by anyone else. His care for the people in his life was incredible. There was nothing he wouldn't do for the people he loved as well as the community. He would give the clothes off his back to a stranger if he/she needed it. He was a breath of fresh air. He had a zest for life that was contagious. He was my coach, my friend and more like family. He always believed in me even when I ceased to believe in myself. There were no limit to my dreams because he thought anything was possible for me. He was there for me like a second father. I admired his love of life, family and everything he held important to him. He will be forever missed, but he will be honored and remembered forever. The memories I shared with him since I was a child and his spirit will live on in my heart and thoughts forever. Mike, may you find peace in your eternal resting place. May you serve as an Angel to your beautiful family and friends. We will never make sense of this tragedy and how your life was cut so tragically short. But, we will keep you close to our heart as if you've never left us. I love you and already miss you so much. My heart and thoughts to the entire Purdy family. May you all build the strength to get through this together and find solace in knowing he will always be with you.
Tina Purdy left a message on November 20, 2011:
I want to thank every one for their kind words.. My uncle Mike touched everyone who knew him.. My greatest times with him were spent at Poppy's and Grandma's. Food fights and fire works.. Uncle Mike was the Purdy class clown.. I will think of you every time I see a monkey.. The kids and I love you Uncle Mike..
Carol Forrest left a message on November 20, 2011:
I grew up just down the street from the Purdy Family.Mikie was a dear friend of my older brother Ray. When I was 15 years old I used to babysit for Mike and Linda .It was because as I was growing up, the Purdy house was like my 2nd home, he treated me like a little sister. He was very kind and in later years he would stop by my parent's house on his way to see his mom to "check in" on them... and last year when my father passed, he was there at the service to greet me with that amazing smile and gave me the biggest warmest hug :) and that I will always cherish !!Mikie will be missed my many, but never forgotten. The memories of him will go on forever in our hearts and souls.My deepest, deepest condolences go out to the entire Purdy family.You are all in my thoughts and prayers.Much love,Carol Forrest
Ruth Ann Nell left a message on November 20, 2011:
Dear Delores and Family,I was so shocked to hear of Mikes passing, what a wonderful person he was, I have prayers and and thoughts of you all at this tragic time. Always the wonderful memories will be kept.Love to ALL, Ruth Ann
samantha cronk left a message on November 20, 2011:
Kari you have always been an amazing person and friend Britt u too mean so much to me i worked for your mom for so many years and it was awesome to see your dad care so much about her and those who worked for her. my heart is so broken for you and your sisters kari i wish there was something i could do to take the pain away and bring your father back to you girls he was a wonderful man and loved by so many im so completely heart broken over this i dont even know what to say i wish time will help to ease the pain you girls feel Kari and Britt if u need ANY thing please call me I LOVE U both so much xoxoxoxoxoxo Sam
Kathy Shea left a message on November 19, 2011:
I only have a few memories of you, but I have a thousand with Shanon. What I do remember of you is kindness & your unforgettable face, your face screamed happiness, & joy!!! This is a very sad time for your family & the whole community we will all miss you Mike, you were taken from the world way to soon <3
Deanna Cariddo left a message on November 19, 2011:
I personally will never forget Mikes smie, laugh & amazing sense of humor! Mike was one of a kind.. nobody came close to being mike! I will never forget seeing him drive past my house in his work truck; beeping the horn. He reminded me of the guy in the move snow day. I want to thank mike for always keeping a smile and laugh on my face & my dads. You were an amazing friend to my dad; thank you so much! & i will NEVER forget the parrot in mikes office. You have not only touched my life.. u have touched the communitys life, & the mahopac fire department. You will be missed Mike! just remember "its not goodbye; its see you later"
barbara bruder faillace colvett left a message on November 19, 2011:
i remember mikey always very friendly always a smile on his face and always very welcoming person my brothers and sisters and i had fun growing up knowing mikey going to his house w my dad chubby and just being kids he will be miss dearly rest in peace cousin
Suzi McDonough left a message on November 19, 2011:
Your smile, your ever lending hand, and your giving heart will continue to live on through everyone whose life you touched. Santas going to miss his favorite elf! I will forever miss you and I pray for strength for your entire family.
Wil Gorup and JoAnn Armeno left a message on November 19, 2011:
On behalf of Wil and Myself, I would like to extend our deepest sympathies to Michael's family, his brothers and sisters at Mahopac Fire Department and his work family. I remember him as a very funny man, and I know he was loved by all. We are thinking of all of you and I know this is a very difficult and painful time, and for that we are truly sorry..
Renee Cariddo left a message on November 19, 2011:
Don't know how or where to start. Mike, you were truly the best person I ever met. Thank you for all the fun times and our special talks. I will miss you so much. RIP. As for your "abled body assistant" (as you called him), he is at a loss and hasn't come to reality yet. A part of you will stay with him forever.Linda and girls...may God give you strength to get through this. We will always be here for you.We love you Mike.
Judy Kreitzer left a message on November 19, 2011:
Please accept my deepest condolences on your tragic loss. Words can not express adequately at times like these. I am at a loss. But love and faith will prevail. May you be surrounded with it at this time and take comfort from those around you. Lean on others for strength for that's all they can do right now is be there for you. With love, Judy
scott griffith left a message on November 19, 2011:
wow i dont even know where to start! i grew up with the Purdys, keith grad with my sister sharon, mike grad with my bro kevin , i grad with dave and chuck(his cousin)! Mike was a funny sonof a bitch and evertime we were around each other it was like rapid fire insults, digs and malarkey!!! 2 summers ago it was me, him his cousin chuck and chucks dad out on the sound fishing! by the time we got back to shore , my ribs were killing me from so much laughter!! ha ha !!!i know we all have to die someday but to leave this Earth they way he did really sucks!!!!ill always keep Mike purdy in my thoughts and prayers as well as other beutiful friends i lost that i grew up with in Mahopac!!!
Phyllis Locmajian left a message on November 19, 2011:
Our prayers are with the Purdy Family at this difficult time. Mike was a great coach to my girls years ago and will truly be missed by this community. God Bless you all, The Locmajian Family
Diane DeBold left a message on November 19, 2011:
I grew up with the purdy family on bullet hole rd. So many great memories. When i saw mikey's picture and that smile it all came flooding back to me. What a great guy and a great man he turned out to be. So sad and to soon. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. God Bless You Mike, You Will Be In Our Hearts Forever. With My Deepest Sympathy, Dee DeBold
Bob and Sue DeBold and family left a message on November 19, 2011:
I grew up knowing the entire Purdy family long ago, but it always feels like yesterday when such tragedy occurs, it touches our hearts sadly. Mike you were a great guy and i will enjoy the memories i have. Our condolences go out to you all.Love the DeBold's
Diane Stanton and Family left a message on November 19, 2011:
I never knew Mike in school, though he graduated only one year ahead of me in my brother's class. But I came to know him and be friends with him in our adult years, and he was my oldest daughter's MSA softball coach for a year or 2 when she was in high school. My mom knew him even better during her years working at the Valley Lanes Bowling alley, and my sister was also friends with him. Great man, great smile, so very very sad.With much love and prayers to Mike's family -Diane Stanton, Barbara Schwab, and Natalie Nelson - Rest in Peace, Michael
LORNA McCREADY left a message on November 19, 2011:
Mikey (as I called you) I will forever remember fondly all times we shared together, the long chats we shared - the concerts we went to and so on. Your infectious smile pulled me right in the first time our paths crossed. Altho, at times we were accused of being 'partners in crime' with our sense of humor!! Your untimely death is going to take time to sink in - but that's why we have memories noone can take those away. You have gone to a better place now - and I am certain they will keep you busy...repairing roads, installing carpets, cutting down trees and putting out fires.....Go get 'em!!!! You were so loved by all you came into contact with. A tragic loss for all. May you find peace in the arms of the angels. I Love you.
BOB McCREADY left a message on November 19, 2011:
I met Mike about 4 years ago, and in that time had many fun times. Our political views, if you will, were always on the table for discussion and we would laugh until we couldn't breathe! We went to a couple of concerts together with Mike, Linda, the girls and Eric and had a blast. You were taken from us far too soon, but your memory will live on forever. Thanks for the laughs buddy- will miss you "OH MIGHTY GRILL MASTER" Rest in peace.
Craig & Tammy Ferrieri left a message on November 19, 2011:
Mike, you were a great friend and miss you. God Bless you and your family, you ll foever be in our hearts and prayers.
Arlene left a message on November 19, 2011:
I am so very sorry for your loss. You are all in my prayers and in my heart.
kelli pipes left a message on November 19, 2011:
hi im a friend of patty's. she told me what happened im very sorry for your loss. I lit a candle for the family. Please if you need anything please let me know. Love, kelli Pipes
Jan Szaro left a message on November 19, 2011:
I am devestated! This has been a horrible shock. I would never in a millon years think anything like this could happen to someone like Mike. You could always count on him for to make you laugh. Everything he did was funny, a born comic.He was truly a great guy. Knowing Linda and Mike has enriched my life especially when I had just moved up there and didn't know anyone. They have always been good friends and have been a big part of my life when when I went through tough time, and I'm sorry we had lost touch over the years. My heart goes out to Linda and the girls and their families. I wish I could be there and hug them.
Gary left a message on November 19, 2011:
Had a blast last year up in Albany with your brother Dave at the Billy Joel / Elton John concert. I look forward to hooking up with you next for the great concert in the sky. Thanks for all the laughs.
Michael marks left a message on November 19, 2011:
prior to 1985 mike and I bowled on the same league together. in 1985 he was working at Asplundh tree expert company, he helped get me my job with the company and for the next 10 years we worked together which I must were some of the 10 best years of my life. I could share countless stories about the years we worked together, but most of them are too dirty to talk about here. I can say that I will always cherish our friendship and the years we spent working, laughing together and playing practical jokes on each other. r.i.p. Mike and keep em. laughing.
Alli Paul Obijiski left a message on November 19, 2011:
Mr. Purdy meant more to me than words can express. His passing is life shattering. He was a wonderful man, who has brought more smiles and laughter to this world than 100 other men combined. He truly was one of a kind. And not a day will go by that he is not missed.I would like to express all of my love and sympathy to the entire Purdy Family. You are all amazingly strong and beautiful people. I have been blessed to know each and every one of you. I consider you family, and I am here to support and help you in every way possible.Thank you Mr. Purdy, just for being you. I know you will live on inside all of our hearts. The world is a lesser place without you in it. I miss you already.
Mike Dillon left a message on November 19, 2011:
R.I.P. Michael.. Heartfelt condolences to your family. Grew up as friends on Bullet Hole Rd. and though it's been many years, I always remember you and your family fondly. Rest in peace .
Tabitha Pearson Marshall left a message on November 19, 2011:
My sincere condolences to all of Mike's family and friends. I did know know him for a long time, just a year or so, but I ran into him often. Always a smile, always nice things to say about everyone. An incredibly good man with an uplifting personality. He always tried to make people feel good. He will be truly missed.
Stephane Gambelli left a message on November 19, 2011:
Mr. Purdy was like a Father to me. He meant and still means the world to me. He always made me feel like I was one of his daughters. I'm gonna miss his smile, his laugh, his crazy jokes, I miss him! I'm so sorry to the whole family. I love you guys with all my heart. I wish I can take the pain away. you guys are my world I am here for you guys. Xxoo
bobby newman left a message on November 19, 2011:
I had the privilege of working with Mike everyday over the last six years.He became my friend and a part of my family .Mike was a true leader and problem solver in every aspect of his life.Mike taught me not to dwell on the past,to realize mistakes and move on.He overcame the demons of his party years and spent the final years of his life making up for the time he had wasted.Mike resolved any problems at the job in a fair and responsible manner.He provided leadership and a sense of pride in the fire department.Most importantly, Mike loved his family and felt great pride in each of his daughters.Linda was his soulmate and his confidante and I am sure that was where his heart truly was . The world was a better place, a safer place because of Mike Purdy.If you were a friend of Mikes you will survive and prosper because Mike taught you how .
JAY CIROCCO left a message on November 19, 2011:
frank and madeline grosso and family left a message on November 19, 2011:
Our most heartfelt sympathy for all of you - knowing mike all these years as he coached our daughtger gina (softball) whom he always called "troll" and after just meeting up with from time to time just brings pleasant memories of a kind and warm man - he has definately left a mark on all who knew him and will be missed. frank, madeline, joseph and gina grosso...
Laura Keller left a message on November 18, 2011:
My heart goes out to you all for this tragic loss. May the love of family and friends and wonderful memories carry you through this most difficult time....thinking of Dave and all of sorryLaura
Margaret (Margie) DeCicco left a message on November 18, 2011:
The first time I met Mike was at a birthday luncheon for Natalie at the Gilded Otter in New Paltz. He was accompanied by his wife, Linda., who was just so nice. Since it was early on in my domestic relationship with Ed, the situation was a bit uncomfortable. Luckily, I sat next to Mike, who was the life of the party. He was just so silly, made us laugh and kept on smiling. I will never forget this luncheon or any of the other times he made me feel as if I was a part of the family. Mike wore a warm and sincere smile.Mike is someone to be truly missed. It was obvious that his intentions were always meant for the betterment of his family and society. I am so very sorry for your loss as one should never pass in this fashion.In God's Speed,Margie DeCicco
Frank & Christine Gunn left a message on November 18, 2011:
mike was a wonderful person, a good friend. always willing to help. Our hearts go out to the family in this trying time. although he is gone he will never be forgoten. We Pray for the purdy family and all those who mike has touched. rest in peace my friend. i will see you soon.
Joseph J. Smith left a message:
Please accept our deepest condolences for your family's loss.
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